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Primal Groudon New Awesome Upgraded Ability(Desolate Land)

this shit is even too good for ubers they gona have to make a new tier above ubers just called groudon


Oh my fucking God that’s OP

that is BEYOND OP tbh

i also want to do more interesting stuff with this blog when i do get one of the ORAS games…

so followers, what would you like to see more ORAS related? i was thinking like… a running log of my playthrough, like maybe update you guys on how far i’m getting, what my team is, etc. maybe have you guys suggest to me what i should have on my team for the future, etc.. or i was thinking of having a little storyline with my playthrough but i don’t know how many of you would actually be interested in that. though if i DO go ahead with the storyline i was debating making a comic, although comics are not my strong-suit (though it’d be nice practice and maybe some of my art-savvy followers here could give me some feedback)

what do you guys think? any other suggestions you guys have?

Anonymous asked: i recommend you get Alpha Sapphire. you fight against Aqua in that version but you get to see a lot more of them than you would in OR.

ahhh that is true! i was leaning more toward alpha sapphire anyway but after hearing what somebody said about aqua i became a little skeptical. thanks!

i still can’t decide which i want to get first: alpha sapphire or omega ruby?

i definitely plan on getting both EVENTUALLY, but i don’t know which to buy first.

usually i pick based on which legendary i like better, in this case, i’ve always had a preference for kyogre. BUT i always played ruby as a kid. AND someone i follow brought up an interesting argument that in sapphire you basically fight alongside team aqua (and i’m assuming it’ll be the same for AS) and i’ve always liked team aqua better.

which game are you going to get and why?

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